How it Works?

MyCare Ghana is the best E-healthcare app use to manage all patient's records such as personal information, medical reports, medication, hospital visit history, clinical notes, patient history and other notes. MyCare Ghana app is an easy to use and user friendly app to handle.


Patients can Book Appointments online just by sitting at home. Patients can also view the list of doctors they need to be treated by; Patients can buy Medicines Online with E-Prescriptions given by doctors. With the help of Video Consultation, patients can avoid the long queues at the hospitals and consultation rooms however if they still need to do an in-person consultation they can book through the same MyCare Ghana app.



The doctors can manage their Online Appointments with one click. Doctors can generate E-Prescriptions for their patients so that it can be accessed anytime, anywhere. The doctor can also have online video consultations or have in-person consultations booked entirely through the MyCare Ghana app & accommodate patients who cannot visit the rooms or hospitals and patients that prefer seeing the doctors.


Video Consultation

With the help of MyCare Ghana app, patients can directly communicate with doctors through video calls. This Video Consultation feature of MyCare Ghana app has made the life of patients so easy and relaxed.



This hospital section of MyCare Ghana  App will help you check for the List of hospitals near you. Also, this will help the patients get Online Booking with hospitals and doctors. MyCare Ghana app is also helpful for Patients in Emergency to directly contact the hospital.



The Pharmacy section of MyCare Ghana app will help patients buy their medicines online. Patients can send E-Prescriptions so that medicines gets delivered to their home on time without any delay. 



This Laboratory section of MyCare Ghana app will help patients get their Online Lab Test appointment quickly. Also, Laboratory will send their representative home to get samples for test. Patients can also check Laboratory test results online.