Why MyCare Ghana?

One app. All Specialties

MyCare Ghana Patient App is a One-Stop E-healthcare app, linking you to the best specialist doctors in Ghana. A pediatrician for your kid’s, an orthopedist for you, and all healthcare associated service easily accessible on your smart phone in the comfort of your office or home.

Avoid Waiting Rooms

Why exhaust yourself in trying to consult a doctor when you are sick? Our Telehealth app facilitates online video consultation with specialist doctors through online booking of appointment on your smart phone from the comfort of your home.

Digital E-Prescriptions

Each time you consult with a doctor on MyCare Ghana, you may be given a digital prescription which includes drugs details, diet instructions and other recommendations on your smart phone. This E-prescription can be with you anywhere you go since it is stored on your phone and can easily be retrieve.

Reminders & Notifications

MyCare Ghana E-prescriptions are digitally linked to a patient’s doctor and pharmacy, as such, your doctor and the pharmacy you bought your first batch of drugs can send you alerts and notifications for delivery of your second batch on time.

Absolute Privacy

All doctors on MyCare Ghana platform fully understands patient’s privacy and confidentiality. Your data is 100% secured and cannot be hacked, we are registered with Ghana Data Protection Commission with Data Protection Certificate Number 0003511.

Organized Health Records

MyCare Ghana streamlines all your medical documents in a digital medical folder for easy access at all times. Without a doubt, you can now manage your health reports, e-prescriptions, and other medical documents all on one single App.

Anytime, Anywhere

Our very responsive specialist community of medical doctors in Ghana ensures that, you stay in touch with the best doctors irrespective of your location in Ghana.

Medicine At Your Doorstep

Now you can buy medicines online with our MyCare Ghana App. Also, you will get the home delivery of medicines by using our app. So now sit at home and order medicines online without any hassle with Digital Prescription. You can connect with your doctor and pharmacy directly in case of any doubt without going out.